Cannabis Laws in Malta

Since the 18th of December 2021, the new Act on the Responsible use of Cannabis is in effect.

These are the current laws when it comes to using and purchasing cannabis in Malta for personal use.

Purchasing laws

  • 7 grams of cannabis can be bought every 24 hours with a maximum of 50 grams per month.
  • 20 cannabis seeds can be bought per month.

Possession laws

  • 7 grams of cannabis can be carried in public.
  • 50 grams of cannabis is allowed to be possessed per household.
  • 4 cannabis plants are permitted to be grown per household given that they are not seen by non-residents of that household.

Additional cannabis laws

  • You need to be 18 years old or above to apply for any of the laws, minors are not allowed to use, carry or possess cannabis.
  • You are not allowed to smoke in public. (This can impose a fine of up to €235)
  • You are never allowed to smoke in front of a minor. (This can impose a fine of up to €500)
  • If you carry between 7 grams and 28 grams you will appear before a tribunal and not a criminal court.

Cannabis association laws

  • Cannabis clubs are also known as associations and must be run as non-profit non-governmental organizations.
  • Cannabis associations can have a maximum number of members of 500.
  • Users can only be a member of one association at a time.
  • Associations must have individuals as owners and not companies.
  • Associations cannot market themselves nor have any cannabis signs visible from the outside.
  • Associations must be located a minimum of 250m away from youth centres or schools.
  • Cannabis associations must file a report of activity every three months to the Responsible use of Cannabis Authority.

To read the complete ACT No. LXVI of 2021 click here.