Information and News About Cannabis Clubs in Malta

We will help you find information on licensed cannabis clubs to register with. We also educate you on the responsible use of cannabis in Malta and what regulations to follow.

Right now there are NO cannabis clubs available and no way for tourists to buy legal THC cannabis.

Truths and Myths About the New Cannabis Laws

(We have gathered all laws you should know about on our cannabis laws page.)


  • Malta will have a strictly controlled non-profit cannabis association to distribute cannabis among their members.
  • Smoking cannabis is strictly forbidden in all public areas.
  • To buy cannabis in Malta, you must be a Maltese resident.
  • Currently, there is no way of buying legal cannabis in Malta.


  • Malta will allow public cannabis shops to open up and publicly advertise cannabis and culture.
  • People will be allowed to smoke cannabis in public.
  • There will be a lot of cannabis tourism in Malta.
  • Cannabis can be bought legally in Malta right now.

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